The Wrath of Joe

25 Mar

We here at Save Our LC have been experiencing déjà vu!

A Post from the Save Our LC Forum (our emphasis in orange):

Professor Reynoso composed and distributed a remarkably courageous letter that beautifully articulated some of the issues plaguing LC. Reynoso, who has been a long-time, and very vocal supporter of Joe and the current LC regime, simply observed and commented upon facts that are evident to anyone who cares to listen.

Immediately upon receipt of that letter, Joe Aguillard fired him and barred him from campus. (See Reynoso’s email post acknowledging such).  Really?

Joe spent who knows how much $$ setting up 24 hour guards at Reynoso’s office to keep him from coming in after hours to retireve his personal belongings.  Really?

Joe had the locks on his office changed.  Really?

Joe would not allow him to retrieve his personal effects until Reunoso secured a lawyer to work though the blockade.  Really?

Reynoso is not allowed to teach his classes for the remainer of the semester…Really?  What about the students who paid to have the class instructed?

Truth is starnger than fiction, folks…we cant make this stuff up.

The administration’s treatment of recently terminated Professor Rondall Reynoso is reminiscent of the egregious way in which they handled the dismissal of Dean Lori Thames. Dean Thames, who faithfully served Louisiana College for more than 20 years, arrived at work one day to find the locks changed on her office.

In true LC fashion, this was the first notice of her termination. She was then given the weekend to clear out her office. Later in the day, the administration arbitrarily decided to inform her that she had 24 hours to vacate the premises with her personal effects. Dean Thames was supervised by security, as well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Reynoso family.


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