Yet Another Financial Discrepancy from Louisiana College

25 Mar

Ironically, the discrepancy this time is a lack of discrepancies between the financial statements that Louisiana College filed with the Louisiana Baptist Convention in 2008 and 2009. In fact, the reports are completely identical, except for the year!

Pictured below are screen captures of the report from 2008 and the report from 2009, side by side.

Could this have been intentional? Since the numbers were not regenerated, it seems as though someone opened the file from 2008, altered the year to “2009” and submitted the form to the Louisiana Baptist Convention. It’s also suspicious that the formatting from document to document is completely identical, and the day of the year has not changed.


Some Questions You Should Be Asking:

  • What reason could Louisiana College have for providing the exact same numbers for two years in a row?
  • Did no one at the Louisiana Baptist Convention realize that the reports were identical?
  • Now that this discrepancy has been discovered, what are Louisiana College and the Louisiana Baptist Convention planning to do to fix the error?



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