LBC’s Kelly Boggs Behind Anonymous Comments on Blog

14 Apr

Looks like Save Our LC isn’t the only forum that has trouble with anonymous posters.


Click here to be taken to the story, courtesy of The Rapides Note blog.


3 Responses to “LBC’s Kelly Boggs Behind Anonymous Comments on Blog”

  1. Kelly Boggs April 14, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

    I attempted to post this earlier today (April 14), however it has yet to post. If the previous post is only awaiting approval then feel free to delete one or the other.

    I did post anonymously on the “The Rapides Note” blog, which belongs to the same person who operates the “wesawthat” blog. I did so in response to learning that “wesawthat” has continued to post copyrighted material from the Baptist Message after being told by Google to remove said material. The owner stopped posting in on his main blog and moved it to what seems to be a reactivated blog – “The Rapides Note.”

    I was angry and acted rashly. There is no excuse for my juvenile response. It was unprofessional and immature. The posts were not malicious in any sense of the word. They were decidedly childish.

    I e-mailed the owner of “wesawthat” this morning to take responsibility for my actions and apologize. I also feel the need to post it publicly – here and on the “wesawthat” blog. I have tried to post it on “The Rapides Note” but thus far it has not appeared.

    The purpose of my posting my private apology publicly is not to grandstand, but to take responsibility for my actions. Following is the e-mail that I sent to “wesawthat” on Thursday morning, April 14:

    I read your comment from last night. And yes, I remember well the short editorial concerning how we will be remembered. In fact, the sentiment expressed in that piece is something I think about often.

    The Bible teaches that the measure of an individual is expressed not only in the positive he or she does, but also in how a person responds to mistakes, failures and errors in judgment – in short, sin.

    God referred to David as a man after His own heart, even though David had committed adultery and conspired to have a man murdered. Why did God give such a commendation to a man who committed such serious sin? It was because David was good when it came to repentance. David never sought to shift blame for his negative actions; he took responsibility for his behavior, confessed his sin and sought forgiveness.

    With the aforementioned stated, I want to say that I am sorry that I allowed my emotions to get the best of me which resulted three anonymous posts on your blog. Posting the anonymous quips was wholly unprofessional and immature. The content was petty and inane. Had one of my staff acted in similar fashion, I would have reprimanded them. So, I am reprimanding myself.

    Again, the action of posting anonymous, sophomoric quips on your blog was quite simply wrong. I indulge your forgiveness.


    Kelly Boggs

  2. Austin Broussard April 26, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    I am not sure what a copyright dispute between two parties unrelated to LC have to do with saving LC. As to your headline about a problem with anonymous posters, as far as I can tell, all of your posters, with rare exception are anonymous. it seems to me like you are trying to make some one related to the LBC look bad. However the fact that he/she has apologized and you continue to blaze it as a banner headline makes you look a little petty.

    Just curious, why have you not posted the article from the Town Talk article about the restoration of the LC nursing program? Isn’t that news?

    I was becoming sympathetic to your cause, but it seems you don’t really operate much differently from the those you condemn.

    • stephmabou May 10, 2011 at 10:56 am #

      Mr. Broussard:

      Please accept our apologies and believe that it was not the intention of anyone at Save Our LC to make Ms. Boggs “look bad.”As you said, many of our posters are anonymous. However, many use this anonymity to protect themselves and their families from retaliation from the Louisiana College Administration. (Having started on this forum as an anonymous poster myself, and having been brought to court and nearly expelled by Joe Aguillard and Peggy Pack for my posts on the Save Our LC forum, I empathize with those posters who would like to protect their identity.) Ms. Boggs conduct, by her own admission, was “unprofessional and immature,” and so I cannot say that her reasons for anonymity were wholly the same reasons that those of us on the forum choose not to display our information.

      This post has been a “banner headline” merely because it’s the last story that we’ve posted. If we haven’t posted any new stories it’s because none have been sent to the site administrators, and we have both been too busy to go seeking out headlines. (On the other hand, several people saw fit to send me the link to the Kelly Boggs story. Some even raised suspicions about her involvement in our forum that you’ll notice I did not mention in our post because we do not currently have evidence to support such claims.) If you’d like to see the story about the LC Nursing program or anything else LC or LBC related, please feel free to send us the link and we will work on getting the story posted in good time. If you’ll notice, a few posts down the page on our blog, we have a call for content from our readers.

      I’m sorry if you feel that we have resorted to the same tactics that the administration has been known to use. However, I must encourage you to look around the site (especially the archives) before you assert such a thing in the future. We are all humans, and sinners, at SOLC, but we try our hardest to encourage grace and civility from our members. We’ve made apologies for times when we’ve been harsh. We acknowledge that our hurt feelings and strong desires to see a changed Louisiana College sometimes prevent us from speaking to each other in love. We are not here to promote fear and sensationalism; instead, we bear a persistent hope that merely by being present and providing a forum where the truth may be brought to light and discussed, that we may be able to have a hand in saving our Louisiana College.

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